The following pages chronicle the journey of the sailing vessel Pelagic and her crew. We are a family of 5; Michael, Amy, Zander, Porter and Anakena, taking our 42' Hallberg Rassy as far as we can comfortably go in three years. We left Oregon in September 2014, participated in the 2014 Baja Haha, continued on through the Panama Canal, into the Caribbean, up the coast of the US to Maritime Canada and from there crossed the Atlantic. After an arrival in Ireland we toured Scotland, then sailed down to France, Portugal and on to Morocco. In January of 2016 we slowed down considerably and enrolled the kids in a local Spanish school in Sanlucar de Guadiana for a few months. In the spring of 2016 we crossed the Atlantic towards the Caribbean. We are now in the Pacific, officially on our way home, albeit via a very circuitous path. We are currently in French Polynesia and looking at weather windows to Hawaii before finally making landfall back in the Pacific Northwest.

Currently our exact location is not available. Our spot coverage will pick us back up in Hawaii towards the end of May, 2017.

Our favorite sailing quote:

"If anythings gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there boss!" Captain Ron

Porter's Blog

March 31,
Hi my name is Porter and I am going to tell you about the Panama Canal.  Did you know the French started the canal, but too many people died and it was too expensive, so they quit.  After the French gave up and stopped digging, The USA made a deal with the Panama government, and they got control of the canal area.  The canal goes from the Pacific to the Atlantic through Gatun Lake.  About 85 years later a different president gave the canal back to the Panama people and they now control the canal.  Now the canal is 100 years old and they are also building a new canal that is bigger.

March 10
I am out of Mexico and I would like to tell you about all the things I have seen.  I have seen lots of animals.  I saw a Olive Ridley Turtle.  They have really soft shells when they are babies.  They eat Jelly fish and really small fish.  I have explored lots of towns like Zihuatanejo and Cabo.  They have really good food and activities at night like basketball games and clowns.  As I go along I meet new kids on other boats and it is really fun when they are around.  It is sad when we have to go different was.  Now I am on my way to El Salvador. I hope my description makes you want to travel to Mexico.

February 8
Splash, I went into the water and it got cooler and cooler. I climbed into the dinghy and started the engine and when we go to the wreck the motor went silent and the only sound was me splashing into the water.  The dive we did was fun, I saw fish swimming all around, I saw coral.  There were lots of holes in the wreck and I saw the steering wheel and held on to it.  I swam all the way to the bow of the wreck.  It was a cool dive.  I bet you want to put on a mask and fins and jump in.

Porter 9-25-14
I have been living on my boat pelagic for about 2 months. It is really tight, but we manage to squeeze in with all the things we want to take.  We are bringing a bike, a soccer ball, mitts, a basketball, kayaks, scuba gear and lots of books.
Some things I like about sailing is the the wind in your face, you can go really fast and when the boat is heeling over the V-berth is a really fun place to be.  The V-berth is where I sleep and it is really cozy and if you are claustrophobic you would not like it!  It is right over the bow thruster and sometime my Dad wakes me up by starting the bow thruster.  It is super loud!
When the boat is heeling over the stove is sideways.  The stove is actually level, but the boat is rocking around it.  See the picture.

We saw porpoises, sea birds from Australia, jellyfish, sunfish and one last thing, I SAILED UNDER THE GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE!
As you can tell it is really fun living on a boat.  If you want to contact me for info, email me.  See you next time on the Porter Page!


  1. Wow. A sideways stove, that would taking some getting used to!

  2. We met in Newfoundland and we follow you with amazement and respect. This is for your father.
    Gesundheit Institute []
    He can call me if he wants to. The very best wind, health and happiness for 2016. Jean & Carol Pothier