The following pages chronicle the journey of the sailing vessel Pelagic and her crew. We are a family of 5; Michael, Amy, Zander, Porter and Anakena, taking our 42' Hallberg Rassy as far as we can comfortably go in three years. We left Oregon in September 2014, participated in the 2014 Baja Haha, continued on through the Panama Canal, into the Caribbean, up the coast of the US to Maritime Canada and from there crossed the Atlantic. After an arrival in Ireland we toured Scotland, then sailed down to France, Portugal and on to Morocco. In January of 2016 we slowed down considerably and enrolled the kids in a local Spanish school in Sanlucar de Guadiana for a few months. In the spring of 2016 we crossed the Atlantic towards the Caribbean. We are now in the Pacific, officially on our way home, albeit via a very circuitous path. We are currently in French Polynesia and looking at weather windows to Hawaii before finally making landfall back in the Pacific Northwest.

Currently our exact location is not available. Our spot coverage will pick us back up in Hawaii towards the end of May, 2017.

Our favorite sailing quote:

"If anythings gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there boss!" Captain Ron

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 11, but who's counting? February 16

We've only managed a little over 100 miles for the last two days. It feels brutally slow. The little wind we have comes from the east, so we are able to fly the spinnaker again. It makes for a comfortable ride, it is just so depressing to look at the GPS and see our speed. The good news is, everything on board is comfortable. Mike can do his routine maintenance, we can boat school, we can cook, almost anything we can do at anchor we can now do. We also get to have multiple swim calls. Today the boys were able to swim around the boat with all sails flying, if that gives you an idea of how slow we go at times. There isn't any bad weather following us, so we'll continue to creep slowly westward.

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