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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Porters Post about Devil's Island, May 22

Finally his brother exactly where he wants him!

Does any body know we’re Devils Island is? It is an island in the waters off of French Guiana. Devils Island and the two islands around it are old prisons. The prison ships would bring the prisoners to the main land town on St. Laurent from France and if the prisoners were just bad they would go to the main land prison and work hard, but if they were really bad the would go to Devils Island. On the island it was really hot, they locked you in a small stone hut, you had to find your own food, and there were lots of deadly mosquitos. There was no way to escape because there was no place to launch a boat, there were lots of sharks and the currents were strong. There was this one man named Dreyfus and he was sent there for passing information to the Germans but they found out five years later that he really didn’t do it. Bummer! There is a book about him and how he survived on the island with only a couple of guards. There was another book called “Papillon” about a prisoner that kept trying to escape.  
We swam where there used to be sharks and the water was really murky and you couldn’t even see your hand right in front of you. The prisoners there made pools in the ocean with rock walls around it so the sharks couldn’t get them. 
The two other islands were interesting too. One had this small little beach, it was a perfect place to swim and we opened coconuts and it was all fun until my mom (said) “I see a fin” but none of us ever saw one, so we took a break from swimming. The other island had monkeys, red Macaws, peacocks, agoutis and lizards. It was a real jungle!

I liked my visit to Devils Island, but I most certainly did not want to go to Devils Island 100 years ago!

My mom found more pictures of the prison on Royale and Devil's Island:

Pic from Mike and Z's swim to Devil's Island.  Probably not many people swim to Devil's Island!

Enjoying some well deserved time off the boat.

Photos from the partially restored prison on Royale (adjacent to Devil's)

Kena couldn't understand why these cells would be so hard to escape from.  Just jump over the stone wall!

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