The following pages chronicle the journey of the sailing vessel Pelagic and her crew. We are a family of 5; Michael, Amy, Zander, Porter and Anakena, taking our 42' Hallberg Rassy as far as we can comfortably go in three years. We left Oregon in September 2014, participated in the 2014 Baja Haha, continued on through the Panama Canal, into the Caribbean, up the coast of the US to Maritime Canada and from there crossed the Atlantic. After an arrival in Ireland we toured Scotland, then sailed down to France, Portugal and on to Morocco. In January of 2016 we slowed down considerably and enrolled the kids in a local Spanish school in Sanlucar de Guadiana for a few months. In the spring of 2016 we crossed the Atlantic towards the Caribbean. We are now in the Pacific, officially on our way home, albeit via a very circuitous path. We are currently in French Polynesia and looking at weather windows to Hawaii before finally making landfall back in the Pacific Northwest.

Currently our exact location is not available. Our spot coverage will pick us back up in Hawaii towards the end of May, 2017.

Our favorite sailing quote:

"If anythings gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there boss!" Captain Ron

Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 5

We will be leaving the Lisbon area this afternoon and if the weather cooperates our next port will be a Spanish port.  Portugal looks so small on a map, but when you have to dash between weather windows, it can take quite a while to get around.  We are still about 180 miles from the border.

Another Birthday at sea

Is it sad that one of the highlights of my day was seeing all my Facebook birthday wishes?  I sure miss my friends about now!  One of the things we have always loved about cruising before, was meeting all the wonderful cruising boats.  There is an instant camaraderie with most other cruisers and we love meeting up with them and seeing them again in a future port.  Unfortunately, we haven’t seen many other cruisers since we’ve left the Caribbean.  We’ve met some fantastic locals in Canada, and cruising the UK, but its not the same.  For the last week or so we have been buddy boating with a Dutch and Norwegian boat and just that little bit of socializing is a nice reminder of what it will be like as we get further south.  And, it isn’t all about cocktails in the cockpit!  We call each other on the radio during passages, check on each others status on the AIS, compare notes on gear and weather. We share cabs, spare parts and information and of course enjoy time in port. Buddy boating offers a little security and in general it is a refreshing change from the feeling of being all alone out here.  Anyway, it has been awhile since we’ve had that.  It has been even longer since we’ve seen a cruising boat with kids, Cuba in fact, so we are very much looking forward to catching up with some of the fleet....maybe in Morocco or the Canaries.  We did have a fantastic month of July in Maine, socializing with many of the fantastic Birch Island families and individuals.  In 15 years of marriage, buying the cottage on Birch Island is the only thing I truly give Mike credit for doing without my approval!  He took a chance, bought a run down cottage on an island off the coast of Maine, against all my better judgement, and we then proceeded to meet some of the most incredible people on the planet.  The house is looking better, but more important than that, the friendships we have made are priceless and we really treasure our friends there.  Since we have rented the cottage to a lovely family for three years, it was a great treat to anchor off the coast this past July and still see friends there.  
OK, where was I going with all this? Fast forward to November and I really miss family and friends!  We’ve seen so many wonderful places and had so many wonderful experiences......but it is a treat to get an email or to see a familiar face on FB and feel some connection back to our old lives.